Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Wednesday's Facts: Staying on track

Credit: Visagency's photosteam

  • Gwyneth Paltrow enlisted the help of REM's Michael Stipe to detail the best places to go, sights to see and food to eat in New Orleans in her weekly GOOP newsletter. I cannot wait to get married in this city.
  • Jezebel publishes an open letter from a "grenade," the chauvinistic name for the "ugly friend." Refreshing and hilarious honesty.
  • October 1: - Be there or be woefully in debt. I LOVE Neiman Marcus Last Call and I could not be more excited they are joining the online shopping game.
  • I am a listmaker who loves her Moleskine notebooks. And I love Marc Jacobs. Hence, I love Marc Jacobs X Moleskine notebooks, available at Barneys.
  • Stylelist has seven Fashion Week trends to try or not. But I'm going to go with "not try" on most of them.
  • Earlier this week, I tweeted about Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's horrendous jaw clip, noting that she looked reminiscent of an adolescent girl washing her face before bed. Capitol Hill Style agrees that it was a poor sartorial choice, but reminds us that Secretary Clinton is way too important for such mundane debates. Amen.

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