Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker makes interesting choices

Last week, Frugal Fashionistas featured an affordable version of Sarah Jessica Parker's look in this picture.

Credit: Frugal Fashionista

While the look isn't my style, per se... Actually, wait a second. This look is sort of crazy. Is it just me or does it look like a walk-of-shame outfit?  Like the girl who just shacked up after a wild night at a bar (in her LBD with her sparkly purse and booties) then borrowed one of his old sweatshirts so she didn't look totally slutty walking down the street in broad daylight in an outfit clearly from last night?

Yeah, I thought so.

So, OK, we can agree that this isn't an outfit I would replicate on looks alone. I love the 3.1 Phillip Lim booties, but that's about it. Sorry, Frugal Fashionistas.

But more importantly: Where is SJP wearing this outfit?

She can't be running errands because those boots are just way too impractical to be prancing around NYC in (though we know SJP makes questionable shoe choices). And while I know she's been carrying that Halston Cleo Sac around town, she's been in much more sensible clothing. And if she's cold enough to be wearing a sweatshirt, why is she wearing a short, flouncy skirt?

(I might have taken it a little far with that last comment. I love the many styles of sweatshirt we've been seeing this fall, even with mismatched minis.)

Point is, I don't think your fashion life has to die when you become a mom or when you no longer have anyone to dress up for. Just because you are lugging a child around doesn't mean you have to do so in sweats. And SJP has proven this (plus, she does have someone to dress up for everyday: paparazzi). But at some point, don't you just want to be comfortable?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday's Facts: I need a nap

(Credit: Acting Like Animals)

  • Last week, I discussed the female politician fashion void. The New York Times had a very interesting piece on the same topic, comparing the standard Hillary Clinton way of dressing (basic power suit) and the dressier Sarah Palin style. Does a sense of style make a female politician seem unfocused on the issues? And is the double standard for men and women real? This is a must-read.
  • Refinery29 has an awesome fall handbag guide.
  • Harry Potter geek meets fashion geek: Looks like Harry Potter's fashion designer ripped off McQueen (but you can't deny that it's a pretty brilliant choice for the wizarding world).
  • Over at New York Magazine's Vulture blog, the Fug Girl rate Kelly Kapoor's looks on The Office. Hilarious.
  • Also hilarious? This pregnant Rachel Zoe parody. Thanks for the tip off, Project Beltway.

Fashionable Event: Fashion's Fight Against MS

Last Tuesday night, I Heart Heels sent me to cover Fashion's Fight Against MS, a charity fashion event in our very own Washington, DC.

The event, which took place at the swanky Washington Club in Dupont Circle, was advertised as a runway show the likes of which have never been seen before in DC. And in a way, it's true. The caliber of the designers featured in last night's show - Tommy Hilfiger, Sir by Joanna Baum, Hilton Hollis - isn't often seen on runways in DC.

The final pass, featuring model Shannon Rusbuldt, the event's host, in a gorgeous red frock (with mismatched booties).

And yet, there was nothing about the event that was truly extraordinary. We can all see DC striving to break into the world of fashion, hoping to join the ranks of NYC, LA and maybe even Chicago as a bastion of US fashion, but this event wasn't the one to take the city to the next level.

The event had its moments - mostly on the runway. But true to DC form, the night was not without a little bit of pomp and circumstance.

The stars of the night, excluding, of course, Mr. Hilfiger, were really of the "famous for DC" variety. Michaele Salahi, who recently revealed that she suffers from Multiple Sclerosis, opened the show as a "surprise celebrity" guest, while Tareq, her husband, chatted up the crowd. And Katherine Kennedy, star of MTV UK's "Blonde Charity Mafia," graced the orange carpet before the show. Other "confirmed notables," including Redskins running back Clinton Portis and Capitals/Wizards owner Ted Leonsis, were nowhere to be found, Yeas and Nays reported. 

Michaele Salahi, one of the stars of Bravo's "Real Housewives of DC," looked like she took Linda Erkiletian's advice and ate a sandwich... in a good way.
Tareq Salahi schmoozes with K Street Kate Michael before the show begins.

The night did boast a selection of New York "socialites," but the significance of this was mostly lost on DC's crowd. I, for one, did get excited to see Bianca from America's Next Top Model (who apparently now goes by BiancaChardei and splits her time between NY, DC and Miami). Though Bianca is in fact a model, instead of walking in the show, she just watched from a cushy seat (seating was limited to only VIPs and notable guests. Plebes and press were forced to stand).

But petty gossip aside, what was most important about the night was the cause. The charitable event benefited the National Capital Chapter of the Multiple Sclerosis Society, a cause near and dear to Hilfiger's heart, as his sister battles the disease. Hilfiger even stated that a charitable show like this one is more important than any Fashion Week show he could put on in any city in the world (Oh, hush, you'll give us big heads, Tommy). 

Tommy Hilfiger chats it up on the orange carpet. (Orange is the MS Society's signature color)

And DC's philanthropic and social elite were treated to a great show. Tommy Hilfiger's fun, preppy look took center stage, and the audience ate it up. Tweeds and trenches ruled the runway in his looks, accented by cute booties and over-the-knee duck boots. I loved his strategic leather accents, artful turtlenecks and pretty evening outfits.

Tommy Hilfiger's preppy, poppy Fall 2010 collection shown through in his capsule display on Tuesday night. Think you'd venture to try his over-the-knee duck boots?

Cute hat, cute coat, crazy OTK duck boots. (Sorry for the blurry photos!)

Hello, sir.

The other three designers who showed collections on Tuesday - Hilton Hollis, Nary Manivong and Sir by Joanna Baum - had some hits and misses. Manivong had some cool offerings but no piece really stuck out to me. Hilton Hollis showed some bad pants, though had some cute fun sequined tanks and party frocks. But it was the Sir by Joanna Baum collection, which featured fabulous cocktail dresses, that really got the DC ladies excited.

This photo doesn't do justice to this Sir by Joanna Baum champagne and dusty rose silky gown.

A beautiful burnt orange dress from Sir by Joanna Baum

Hilton Hollis geometric print dress with a wicked side pony.

Hilton Hollis' fun and fab belted jacket

More photos from the show are featured after the jump!

See more of my coverage on the event - including more shots of some of the fabulous pieces in Hilfiger's capsule collection - head over to I Heart Heels.

To see more pictures from the show, check out SnarkInfested. And read more from Women's Wear Daily on the event, including why Tommy Hilfiger thinks Michelle Obama has yet to explore his evening wear.

All photos by Marta Dehmlow.

Fit to a T

Saturday, I got an email from my mother. After looking online a variety of places - Banana Rep, Gap, Lands End - she was unable to find a high-quality, plain white T-shirt. My mom often wears white Ts in her day-to-day wear. The easiest basic of all, what's not to love about the possibilities a white T - really, a blank slate - offers.

Like my mom, I love a quality white T-shirt. My go-to outfit often consists of jeans paired with a fitted white T, accessorized with a scarf or a long necklace.

I have a few go-to white Ts; my favorites - dingy with age - are Gap's Favorite T, made with a bit of spandex for a fitted look. I have a couple other white Ts I love for different reason: a long, tunic-y T from H&M that was $5, a J Crew tissue T with a pocket that's soft and comfy, and so on (I have maybe 7 or 8 white Ts in various styles). But these other Ts are fairly sheer - you must wear a camisole of some kind under these shirts or - hello bra! (Luckily, I always wear a cami. It started in adolescence, and now I am just way more comfortable with a tank on under my Ts.)

So when my mom asked for my rec for white Ts, I immediately thought of my Gap Ts. But as my mother said in her email, reading the reviews on gap.com, it sounds like the quality of the Favorite T has gone down - way down. Cheap fabric, ill-fitting, super see-through were all terms used to describe the T shirt. It hadn't gotten a favorable review in ages.

So I thought of other good brands for Ts, and I went on a hunt to find great Ts recommend to my mom (unfortunately, I don't think my mom would go for the slouchy, boyish, pocket Ts of T by Alexander Wang - despite their incredible softness).

Splendid 1x1 scoop T, available at Shopbop: $46

James Perse V-neck tee, available at Nordstrom: $49.90 (double layered - so extra not-see-through!)
Three Dots crewneck T, available at Nordstrom: $40 (Runs small!)
American Apparel fine jersey short sleeve T: $17 (for me, American Apparel is something you should buy in the store and not online, unless you know what you are buying)

But my mom had a valid point: It's next to impossible to find a quality T shirt that isn't super sheer or meant solely for layering purposes. Even hunting online, I could tell how sheer most of the options out there really were. 

In most cases, an opaque T isn't going to be made only of cotton, in most cases - many will have spandex or modal to help with the transparency. And in other cases, the shirts are too fitted (no one needs to see my innie belly button through my T-shirt). And for whatever reason, there is a dearth of crew-necked T-shirts. Not all ladies like the V-neck (though it is universally flattering). So basically, it was really freakin' hard to find white Ts! 

So I ask: Do you have any go-to brands for quality Ts?

My mother, in all her sagacity, closed her email with this. "Otherwise, based on all the reviews I read, we should start a company that makes a good quality high opaque plain white tee."

Does anyone want to invest?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Sunday Lust List

Helmut Lang suit, available at Saks: Pants $345; Jacket $585 (featured on Coporette)
I love the unique cut of the smoking jacket, which makes it a bit more casual.

Le Mont St. Michel hooded poncho, available at La Garconne: $495
It's the year of the poncho, and I'm loving it!

Parker sequined dress, available at Shopbop: $297
Birthday weekend in NYC party dress for Liz?

Wink Leidy faux fur coat, available at Shopbop: $288

Tory Burch "Abbey" sequin ballet flat, available at Bloomingdales: $225

This killer Lanvin dress from the Spring 2011 collection.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Saturday Style: Seventies Chic

Credit: Streetpeeper
Floppy hats are everywhere this season, and seriously, what could be more perfect for a Saturday of shopping in Georgetown? You look cool, casual and smart (because you're protecting your skin from the sun's harmful rays).

I love this Londoner's hat because it's not too floppy. It looks super cool with her fringe bangs and the retro mustard turtleneck and flared jeans.

Turtlenecks are sort of back in vogue, n'est pas? They don't work on everyone, and rarely do they photograph well (hello, double chin!), but this girl works it.

If I were dressing up today, this is totally the outfit I'd want to put on. However, for now, I'm in leggings and long-sleeves for a nice bike ride in this beautiful weather. The fiance and I are going to try the new Capital Bike Share program and head up the C&O canal. If we happen to pass through Georgetown (we will), I just might have to try to find a floppy hat and cool, colorful turtleneck!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's Facts: It's a mad world

Eat zero carbs and you might be able to look like Adriana Lima. (Picture via Oh No They Didn't)
  • Are you already depressed Mad Men is over for, like, nine months? I am. Thankfully, Fashionista has a fashion retrospective of the ladies of Sterling Cooper Draper Price.
  • Also from Fashionista: Fashion-themed Halloween costumes. Do you know what you're dressing as next weekend?
  • The last of the fashion week round-ups: Fashionista (again) compiled their top 20 looks from Spring 2011 Fashion Month and Refinery29 has the top 20 dresses. Gorgeous!
  • In diffusion and collaboration news: Derek Lam wants to do a diffusion line with someone like Topshop, WWD reports (via The Cut).
  • Wall Street Journal has a slideshow of Hong Kong's highest heels. 15 cm Alexander McQueen heels came in at the tallest! The bigger they are, the harder you fall...
  • I thought I'd continue this week's mini-school theme. Today's subject: English. WSJ has a lesson in in brevity.
  • And the most depressing, sobering news of the week: Adriana Lima eats zero carbs before a Victoria's Secret runway show, The Cut reports. So I'll just blame carbs for me not looking like Adriana Lima. (Seriously, though? ZERO CARBS? I'd die).

My Girl Crush in Vogue...

Doesn't Anne Hathaway look STUNNING on this cover? The Fug Girls pointed out that it does look a bit like a holiday cover (vs. fall), but whatever - it's amazing!

A while back, one of my friends asked this question: If you could pick one celebrity to be your friend, who would it be?

My choice was easy: Anne Hathaway.

Now, I've heard some rumors that she isn't always so pleasant in real life, but in real life, she isn't my BFF either. In her movies, she seems likable and pleasant. And she came through the whole "my ex-is-guilty-of-fraud" thing with grace and a sense of humor. Plus she's talented and has worn a truly amazing collection of designer gowns to award shows, so I'm hoping she'd lend me one and bring me as her date...

Alright, enough of the fan girl love.

Except, the rest of this blog is about her and her amazing spread in November's Vogue (the same issue that features our favorite fashionista politician (liberal politics aside) Kirsten Gillibrand). This is by far one of my most favorite celebrity editorials that the glossy has ever done. The Mario Testino photography is lusciously stunning, and the clothes echo the glamourous, sexy, Old Hollywood feel of the shoot.

Gaze at some of the gorg photos below, and be sure to read her interview in this month's Vogue.

Perfect in poka dots (Photos from Glamazon Diaries)

Want to see more photos?

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Thursday's Facts: Here comes the...

More Lanvin for H&M! Thank you, Fashionista, for the sneak peek.
  • In addition to featuring a new ad shot from Lanvin for H&M (florals! swoon), Fashionista reports that NY's Pierre hotel will play host to a fashion show for the collaboration line on November 18. Where do I get tickets?
  • Tory Burch is fashion's new power woman, Forbes claims. How she juggles her company's growth plans, her family and the rest of her fabulous life.
  • Yesterday, we had an econ lesson, and today, it's history. WSJ has a history of eccentric fashion. 
  • Typically, wearing any shade of white, off-white, cream or ivory to a wedding - unless you are the bride - is a no-no. But Amanda Hearst looks amazing in this Valentino Haute Couture number, and I Heart Heels agrees. What do you think? Faux pas or so sweet?
  • Speaking of weddings, Fitnessista is helping all brides look fabulous on their big days with a Bridal Bootcamp training plan. I'm starting this weekend!

Would you wear these? Sergio Rossi sequined over-the-knee boot

Yesterday, I got an email from Bergdorf Goodman with a subject line teasing Sergio Rossi sequined boots.

"Sequined boots?" I thought. "How is this going to look?"

Well, something like this:

Sergio Rossi, available at Bergorf Goodman: $1850

This, as Tim Gunn would say, is a lot of look.

Would you wear these nearly-$2000 boots?

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday's Facts: Hard news

  • Tall ladies and comfort seekers rejoice! Mid-heels, low heels and kitten heels are more popular than ever, the New York Post reports.
  • More people let pervy Terry Richardson take pictures of them looking smutty. Here, Lea Michele, Diana Agron and Cory Monteith fall victim, looking like low-budg porn stars in a poorly planned GQ shoot.
  • Today's econ lesson: How First Lady Michelle Obama moves markets, from Harvard Business Review. The conclusion is this: few other celebrities or influencers can move company stock prices like Mrs. O.

Kirsten Gillibrand is en Vogue

New York's junior senator works it in the pages of Vogue in a fabulous winter-white coat and camel sheath dress, both by Michael Kors. (All photos credit: Vogue)

New York Senator Kirstin Gillibrand is easily the chicest politician on Capitol Hill, and now her sartorial savvy has been made known beyond the Beltway. Gracing the pages of November's Vogue, Sen. Gillibrand struts her stuff in Michael Kors, Dolce and Gabbana and more.

We've talked about Gillibrand's senatorial stylishness before. She dresses the part of a senior politician representing the home of America's fashion industry, the perfect mix of power dresses, separates and suits, elevated by an innate understanding of what makes a quality garment and what works on her. And though she abides by DC's more conservative "rules," as one Nanette Lepore PR flack put in the Vogue piece, her style is still so much more than standard DC fashion fare.

Her petite frame, blonde hair and fair skin certainly belie her political demeanor, but she knows her fashion and wears it well.

A great wardrobe, an adorable family, a giant office in Russell Senate Office Building... What's not to be envious of?

And the article in Vogue couldn't paint Sen. Gillibrand in a more flattering light. In an interview with POLITICO, writer Jonathan Van Meter described her comfortable ease, her sharp wit and her ambitiousness. But Van Meter also got some juicy bits: Since having her second child in 2008, Sen. Gillibran has lost more than 40 lbs. of baby weight through strict diet and lots of tennis.

Van Meter also said that Sen. Gillibrand "wasn’t worried about how it was going to be perceived. And I loved how she wasn’t concerned about that. Some women lawmakers refuse to be fashionable and [Vogue Editor-in-Chief] Anna Wintour thinks, 'Well, why can’t you be?'"

So, DC politicians, take note: You can be powerful, successful and still stylish. In fact, it might be beneficial to your overall communications strategy. After all, how many other members of Congress can boast six-page spreads in Vogue in their news clips?

Sen. Gillibrand strolls through the halls of the Capitol with some dedicated aides and a beautiful Dolce and Gabbana jacket and dress.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday's Facts: La-la-Lanvin

Could it be? (Credit: Fashionista)
  • The rumor going around the interwebs is that the above photo is a preview of Lanvin for H&M. If so, I'm loving it!
  • Classic clothes that fit are a smarter addition to any wardrobe than any trendy item. Budget Fashionista has tips on how to find clothes that fit and flatter.
  • CelebStyleGuide has ten investment pieces you should buy now, including Fendi's iconic Peek-A-Boo bag.
  • Need some cute outfit ideas? Refinery29 helps you brainstorm with tips, key pieces and adorable looks.
  • Next Thursday, I'm headed to fashion:district - a fabulous social event featuring fashion show, pop-up shops and art installations. Want to come? Buy your ticket here!

The new generation of fashionistas

When I was a teenager, the big female idols were Britney, Christina, maybe even Mandy Moore.

And then there was Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff.

And now we have Miley Cyrus. Selena Gomez. Taylor Swift. Disney basically has a monopoly on young talent, and what isn't Disney-fied is bathed in the glow of Twilight.

But what should we do with these young adults who are thrust in the spotlight of stardom and aren't dressed the part?

For instance, Miley's style is anything but aspirational. Mostly, it seems to reflect her father's deep-fried country roots.

Miley, didn't your mother teach you to wear a bra? (Credit: Hollywood Life)
Her style does reflect her age (believe me, I thought I had the coolest style when I was 17, but my Abercrombie "Sun Your Buns" muscle T was anything but cool). And I'm not asking her to be a role model for young girls. But successful young starlets are expected to dress with a measure of taste reflecting their status and - dare I say it - paychecks - and Miley seems to be running in the opposite direction. But that said, Miley is like the Britney Spears or Christina Aguilera of yesteryear: We see them in their "interesting" outfits, but we'll never actually want to go out and buy what they wear.

And then you have Demi Lovato. Here she is a few days ago, announcing the nominees for the American Music Awards.

Credit: Just Jared

Does this look like an 18-year-old girl to you? Add 20 years to that and then we'll talk.

You basically have these girls straddling a fine line of taste and age appropriateness. They might be pushed to dress older than they are - either too sexily or too maturely - or they are exploring their fashion sensibilities, making a few fashion faux pas along the way, or they are rebelling entirely, like Miley. There must be a sense of confusion that comes with the freedom of being extremely famous and having the luxury of personal assistants and groomers at your beck and call, as well being as the primary breadwinner in a family at a super young age.

If we're looking at the newest generation of fashion plates, Selena Gomez has my vote as the classiest, most age appropriate up-and-comer (though, I guess most would argue she's arrived). Sure, she's had some misses. But overall, she looks like the adorable, youthful 18-year-old that she is.

LOVE the red coat. (Credit: Budget Babe)
She may not be the tween sensation of Hannah Montana proportions, but throughout her successful career, she's remained grounded and classy and has come out relatively unscathed despite a Tiger Beat-worthy break-up with one of the Jonas brothers (I don't know which, which is probably a good thing for a 24-year-old) and what I read to be some girl fights with both Miley and Demi. And how adorable is this outfit?

OK, so I've probably spent way too much time talking about girls who are six years younger than me. But as the next few years unfold, these girls are going to be the trendsetters and the stylemakers. And we need to see what we're working with.

Run, don't walk, to Zara

I sound like a total shill, but Zara's October offerings are the epitome of polished cool and cozy chic.

Last week, FabSugar featured their look book. Here are some of the best of the bunch:

Red hot looks so right. I love the vintage-y blouse that's been completely updated with cropped pants for a chic monochromatic look.
I need one of these drapey, cozy vests hanging around my office.
I love the styling of this look. The preppy but punk jacket and the oversized clutch are so fab.
This Navajo-inspired sweater makes me want to cozy up on the couch and sip some cocoa with my sweetie.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Monday's Facts: Squash and roll

Fall produce: both tasty and representative of female body types. (Credit: C'est La Vegan)
It's officially fall when sustained temperatures don't rise much higher than the mid 60s and when you start seeing colorful leaves on the ground. This weekend, I finally was able to bust about my H&M poncho that's been hanging in my closet, waiting for cooler weather. 

But being more than sweater weather, fall to me means chili and delicious recipes featuring squash and apples as the main ingredients. I'll be adventuring with some butternut squash lasagna and butternut squash fries this week (after hunting down butternut squash on 3 separate grocery trips - I guess everyone in DC likes the squash as much as me!).

And other bloggers are getting in on the fall fun. Read on:

  • It's almost time for holiday party season (crazy, I know). Cheap Chica's Guide to Style has some fabulous sparkly shift dresses for all your seasonal soirees.
  • Also thinking seasonally? Refinery29, which presents you with their "Massive Fall Sweater Shopping Guide." Think stripes, Fair Isle and fringe this fall.
  • StyleList tells us how to wear fur and faux fur this fall - including what to look for when shopping and how to accessorize a hairy creation.
  • Work-fashion blog Corporette has some tips on how to dress for your body type.
  • Big DC fashion news: Anthropologie is opening an accessories-only store - a huge space - in Chevy Chase on October 29, WWD reports.
  • Sometimes, I watch CW TV shoes, and I get the idea that they are just letting the actors wear whatever they want. Exhibit A: 90120's Gillian Zinser, aka Ivy, whose personal style WhoWhatWear features as girl of the month. Exhibit B: The rest of the female cast of 90210. Exhibit C: Little J from Gossip Girl.

Fleshing out the details

Katy Perry likes nude underwear. (Credit: Rolling Stone)

New York Magazine's The Cut recently discussed a British study found that 72 percent of women choose nude or flesh-toned underwear instead of black, white, and fancy colors or prints when they go shopping, and a British department store reports that sales of nude underthings are up 38 percent for the year. British pub the Daily Mail reports that stars like Eva Mendes and Katy Perry are the inspiration behind the recent nude lingerie trend.

My question is: Why hasn't buying nude underwear always been popular?

With flesh tones, you can be 100 percent sure that everything you wear - white pants, light-colored dresses, sheer shirts - will not be marred by unseemly underwear peeking through. 

If you don't own at least several pairs of nude underwear and two nude bras, you should go and invest in some immediately.

Hanky Panky thong, available at Nordstrom: $18

(Also, if you don't own any Hanky Panky thongs, you must buy some post haste. I swear, you'll be converted for life.)

Victoria's Secret plunge multi-way bra: $50
Spanx Hide and Seek strapless full slip: $72

And FYI: The Daily Mail also interviewed a psychologist who said that "A nude or flesh-coloured bra denotes a personality that is natural, easy-going, down-to-earth and transparent."

I feel pretty good about that.

How would you wear it: Long black cardigan

Only Hearts cardigan, available from Shopbop: $122

A few years ago, I bought a long black cardigan in Nordstrom's BP section (not the cardigan pictured above, but you get the idea). As a college student, I totally thought I'd wear it all the time with leggings, perfect for going to classes and hanging around campus.

I maybe wore it twice.

And yet, it remains in my closet. Because, in theory, I absolutely adore it. It's warm, it's sleek, and it's versatile. And I have whispers of ideas for how to wear this cardigan. I think "publishing exec" or "high-powered editor."

But it still doesn't get worn.

So now I am on a mission to make my ideas into realities and finally wear the sweater.

I spent some time on Polyvore brainstorming... And here's what I came up with.

A work outfit:

1. Tank top from LA Made, available on Piperlime: $22
2. Double serge pencil skirt from J. Crew: $118
3. Falke tights, available at Net-A-Porter: $140 for 2 pairs
4. Aspinal of London Biarritz black patent belt: $125
5. L.A.M.B. Valisa bootie, available at heels.com: $319.49
6. House of Harlow key necklace, available at The Trend Boutique: $119

And a more casual look:

1. T by Alexander Wang white t-shirt, available at Saks: $76
2. Vince suede leggings, available at Net-A-Porter: $895
3. Botkier Ava crossbody bag, available at Aster Alice: $395
4. Miu Miu flats, available at Barneys: $595
5. Daisy Knights gold skulls necklace, available at Net-A-Porter: $485

But now I'm turning to you. How would you style this sweater?