Thursday, October 14, 2010

Bear with me: A little blog maintenance

Credit: Acting like animals

First things first: Apologies for my lack of posting! I was away in New Orleans over Columbus Day weekend doing all sorts of wedding planning fun and attending homecoming festivities for my alma mater, Tulane. I had a wonderful whirlwind trip with my parents, my good friends and my fiance, of course. Now, I've just been catching up with my work, my house, my life... in addition to more wedding stuff! And catching up on my Google Reader! Now that was an undertaking...

As fun as having a career/social life/wedding to think about is, there just wasn't time for it all, so blogging took a backseat. But I'm back to the grind: working, working out, cooking and, of course, writing about all the good stuff that there is to enjoy in the world.

I've decided that I'm going to add a little more personal writing to this blog. I've taken a lot of inspiration from the many talented, witty bloggers in DC's online community, and I want to expand this blog into something a little more diverse and hopefully interesting. Don't worry - it will definitely still be a lot about clothes I liked and how to wear them, but I'm going to add a little bit about my personal experiences as a 20-something in DC finding the perfect outfit, planning the perfect wedding, working a full-time job and being generally perfectly awesome. Hopefully, you guys bear with me. (I promise that will be the only bear pun). And hopefully, you'll like reading about it.

I'll be back a bit later today with blogs about trench coats, wedding updates, New Orleans, birthday outfits and my recent near-death experience... The list goes on. And the blog will too!

A bientot, mes amis.

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