Monday, October 4, 2010

Monday's Facts: Let loose

Sometimes we all need to loosen up a little, right? (Credit: Daily Front Row)

  • Daily Candy has five fall trends that men don't like or understand.
  • The Fug Girls pick the best- and worst-dressed characters on TV on Vulture. Olivia Palermo from "The City", Emma Pillsbury from "Glee" and Blair from "Gossip Girl" make the best list, while everyone except Blair topped the worst-dressed.
  • Apparently, it gets a little bit chilly and everyone's all about being "cozy" (myself included - did you see my posts this weekend? Today had me thinking about celebrating "Bring Your Snuggie to Work Day"). So Much to Smile About and All Things Lovely have some outfits to keep you warm.
  • Speaking of being cozy, if there is one thing I can guarantee you I will NOT be wearing on my wedding day, it's a cardigan. To each her own, I guess...
  • On a more serious note, Marie Claire published a piece about six "healthy living" bloggers, but it's very clear the author does not think these bloggers are at all healthy. I've read these blogs, I support their efforts to document their personal stories, and I think any community that supports developing and maintaining healthy lifestyles is a good thing. Visit HealthyTippingPoint to read a response from one of the bloggers. What do you think about this?

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