Friday, October 22, 2010

Friday's Facts: It's a mad world

Eat zero carbs and you might be able to look like Adriana Lima. (Picture via Oh No They Didn't)
  • Are you already depressed Mad Men is over for, like, nine months? I am. Thankfully, Fashionista has a fashion retrospective of the ladies of Sterling Cooper Draper Price.
  • Also from Fashionista: Fashion-themed Halloween costumes. Do you know what you're dressing as next weekend?
  • The last of the fashion week round-ups: Fashionista (again) compiled their top 20 looks from Spring 2011 Fashion Month and Refinery29 has the top 20 dresses. Gorgeous!
  • In diffusion and collaboration news: Derek Lam wants to do a diffusion line with someone like Topshop, WWD reports (via The Cut).
  • Wall Street Journal has a slideshow of Hong Kong's highest heels. 15 cm Alexander McQueen heels came in at the tallest! The bigger they are, the harder you fall...
  • I thought I'd continue this week's mini-school theme. Today's subject: English. WSJ has a lesson in in brevity.
  • And the most depressing, sobering news of the week: Adriana Lima eats zero carbs before a Victoria's Secret runway show, The Cut reports. So I'll just blame carbs for me not looking like Adriana Lima. (Seriously, though? ZERO CARBS? I'd die).

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