Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Tuesday's Facts: Ferosh and femme

Leopard pants that look ferosh and feminine? Don't mind if I do! (Credit: Refinery29)

  • Tired of Fashion Week Month? Never! Paris Fashion Week wraps up the big four, and Refinery29 has the best of Parisian street style. Where else could a lady pull off leopard pants but Paris!
  • Now that it's actually fall, I guess it's a more appropriate time for "fall essentials" lists. And so they continue. WhoWhatWear and Style Republic list their must-haves for fall.
  • As you've been able to see, sky-high heels and half-foot platforms are here to stay. FitSugar has some exercises to help you strengthen the muscles and balance needed to wear stilettos and wedges.
  • Lauren Conrad's newest book, Lauren Conrad Style, is out today. In an excerpt on Fashionista, she reveals her go-to pieces.
  • Marie Claire profiles the office styles of four unique women: retro, sporty, classic and rocker.

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