Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sarah Jessica Parker makes interesting choices

Last week, Frugal Fashionistas featured an affordable version of Sarah Jessica Parker's look in this picture.

Credit: Frugal Fashionista

While the look isn't my style, per se... Actually, wait a second. This look is sort of crazy. Is it just me or does it look like a walk-of-shame outfit?  Like the girl who just shacked up after a wild night at a bar (in her LBD with her sparkly purse and booties) then borrowed one of his old sweatshirts so she didn't look totally slutty walking down the street in broad daylight in an outfit clearly from last night?

Yeah, I thought so.

So, OK, we can agree that this isn't an outfit I would replicate on looks alone. I love the 3.1 Phillip Lim booties, but that's about it. Sorry, Frugal Fashionistas.

But more importantly: Where is SJP wearing this outfit?

She can't be running errands because those boots are just way too impractical to be prancing around NYC in (though we know SJP makes questionable shoe choices). And while I know she's been carrying that Halston Cleo Sac around town, she's been in much more sensible clothing. And if she's cold enough to be wearing a sweatshirt, why is she wearing a short, flouncy skirt?

(I might have taken it a little far with that last comment. I love the many styles of sweatshirt we've been seeing this fall, even with mismatched minis.)

Point is, I don't think your fashion life has to die when you become a mom or when you no longer have anyone to dress up for. Just because you are lugging a child around doesn't mean you have to do so in sweats. And SJP has proven this (plus, she does have someone to dress up for everyday: paparazzi). But at some point, don't you just want to be comfortable?

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  1. haha I agree with you~ she could've done better :)