Friday, September 3, 2010

Pandas and Politics: Gubernatorial Gaffe

Fashion is a passion of mine, but my bread and butter is the political world. This new segment, which will appear at my discretion, features politics and pandas, the cutest animal known to mankind and also the most expressive.

Photo Credit: AP

This inaugural "Pandas and Politics" post is dedicated to Jan Brewer, governor of Arizona, at first most famous among non-Arizona residents for implementing the strictest immigration laws in the US, but now better known for completely flubbing her opening and closing remarks in a recent gubernatorial debate. 

Watch her crash and burn here.

Personally, I feel pretty badly for Governor Brewer. Most people lose their trains of thought one time or another, but most gaffes don't end up on Good Morning America, MSNBC and all over the Internet. To make matters worse, this morning, I Googled "so embarrassing can't watch," and Jan Brewer was the first result. 

Let's give Governor Brewer a break and see what else might you have missed in the political world this week.

  • President Obama decided the Oval Office needed to look more like a rec room, and the New York Times has pictures of the dowdy do-over in its cleverly titled piece "The Audacity of Taupe." FYI - none of it was done on the "taxpayer dollar," Robert Gibbs thoughtfully assured us.
  • We can all be glad that the White House has ruled out a follow-up to the not-so-successful stimulus bill, The Hill reports.
  • In an election year that has the GOP poised to win big at the polls, nearly 300 women are candidates in gubernatorial and congressional elections. The Huffington Post asks, is it the "Year of the Businesswoman"?

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