Monday, September 13, 2010

A review of Tucker for Target

I feel like a huge nerd. The Tucker by Gaby Basora collection for Target came out yesterday, and I was so excited, I came down from a party on my roof deck at midnight to check it out. When it wasn't posted then, I woke up REALLY early to order a few pieces online. (After the collection sold out within minutes on Gilt Groupe, I was a little nervous that it would do the same on Target's website)

Another reason I wanted to order online is that the Target in my neighborhood is notoriously shoddy. However, needing a few household items, we ended up going there anyway! So I got a couple more things...

The collection surprised me. Part of Tucker's appeal is the quality of the fabric used, but I thought Target's polyester actually felt quite nice. The colors are bold and fun, and for the most part, the prints and patterns are great.

Some things I didn't love so much were less cohesive in the collection, including the black boucle dress, which looked heavy, the persian bomber, which looked like something from Wet Seal, and the hooded wrap jacket, which looks totally luxe online but cheap and ill-fitting in person.

The sizing is a little questionable. The signature blouses and dresses run huge! I am typically a medium, and those were swimming on me. However, some of the other dresses run normal. And the skirts certainly run small! Imagine my shame when I had to request my fiance grab me a size 13...

Here's what I picked up:

Back ruffled dress in electric bloom print: $39.99
I love this dress, because it can be worn regularly as well as backwards for such a different look. My friends actually commented that they liked it better with the back ruffle in front! I love the bright, unique color. This runs true to size and also comes in navy.

Tie-front blouse with polka-dot print: $24.99

This did not catch my eye online, but in the store, it stood out. It's feminine with a vintage edge, and I'm so happy to add this to my closet. They have a couple other patterns, and it runs true to size.

Signature dress in lawn-bird print: $39.99

I ordered this one online, so I'm patiently awaiting its arrival. I did try on another print in the store and thought it fit well, if a bit big. This print was definitely my favorite in person, but there are a couple other prints available as well.

Brocade skirt in gold/navy: $39.99

I bought this aforementioned size 13 skirt in store, but have decided to return it for a couple reasons. I prefer a classic pencil skirt or full A-line skirt, and this is basically an awkward hybrid of the two. Secondly, the pockets poof a little weirdly. However, this is personal preference; the color and fabric is really adorable.

As I said, I did try on a signature blouse, but opted not to buy one. Tucker blouses are pretty pricey, but I decided I'd rather buy a full-priced one (or find one on Gilt, which has featured the label several times in recent months). There's always something to be said for investing in great pieces. But while Tucker s available to the average citizen shopper, I recommend checking out!

Finally, in additional to some Q-tips and shampoo, I picked up a little something else. After discussing leather skirts in detail last week, I had to have one. I found this one, and it was a match made in heaven. The leather actually looks much higher quality in person, and on me, it looks a little more fitted. This skirt runs small/true to size (if you are between sizes, roll down). I am wearing it today!

Mossimo faux leather skirt, available at Target: $29.99


  1. Marta! Your blog is a welcome distraction from school! I've been meaning to comment and this is a good time to do it as I picked up a Tucker for Target dress on Sunday. For me it looks much cuter on!

  2. How did I not know about this blog-bookmark!