Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Fall trends I'll avoid

The most important thing you can do when buying clothes is stay true to your style and your body type. Just because a look is trendy does not mean you have to wear it. Hate leopard spots? No need to buy any. Do nautical stripes - which were oh so big for spring and summer - accentuate your ample hips? Skip them altogether.

There are lots of great fall clothes and trends that I can't wait to wear, but there are some I will never try. Why? Because they are bad, bad bad - in my opinion.

1. Patch made in hell

Arts and crafts-inspired looks were all over the F/W 2010/11 runway, for whatever reason. Crocheted dresses that looked like sweaters from a grandma's couch were shown by Paul Smth and Missoni, to name a few. Patchwork, a weird take on the mixed patterns trend, was big too. I typically love See by Chloe, but...

See by Chloe dress, available at ASOS: $530.78
Just no.

2. Fur the love of God

Just because an item is covered in fur does not make it luxe or expensive-looking. It only takes a little fur in the wrong place to ruin a perfectly great item. And a lot of fur in the wrong place, well...

Credit: The Shoe Playground

Just because Chanel made these does not make them OK.

3. Skipping desert

Unless I'm trekking through the Sahara, I will avoid these desert boots. They remind me too much of orthopedic shoes.

Marc by Marc Jacobs

4. A load of crop

Who dug crop tops out of the early 90s? A lot of runway look only look good on models - you know, people with BMIs of 18, and .1% body fat. Crop tops look good on very, very few people, and I am not one of them. We saw glimpses of crop tops in the summer months, when people artfully paired them with slouchy pants, great wedges and flat stomachs. But crop tops remain in style for winter. How can you wear cropped clothes in winter? Ask Timo Weiland:

Timo Weiland runway F/W 2010, via Refinery29
This doesn't look so bad on the model. Average Jane cannot pull this off. Also, know what it reminds me of?

If you can't tell from their horrible screenshot, that's Cher rocking a cropped sweater in Clueless. Cute in '94. But so was Bill Clinton. If you can pull it off, more power to you, but I will be steering clear of this look.

5. Trending h-to-t

Does anyone other than me watch America's Next Top Model anymore (besides on Oxygen during hungover Saturday mornings)? It pains me to admit I love Tyra's vanity project, and I've watched every cycle. Last season, Tyra introduced modeling h-to-t - head-to-toe. Well, you can model h-to-t, but do not, whatever you do, cover yourself in trends from the tips of your toes to the top of your head. This goes from all-over leather to full-on military ensembles:

I don't know but I've been told this olive look just leaves me cold. (Like that? I've got more where that came from.)

Just pick one piece with the trend, and stick to basics and cool accent pieces otherwise. This is true in all seasons.

Are there any trends you'll be skipping this season?

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