Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday's Facts: A little oxymoronic

Credit: Acting Like Animals
Today was a stressful day between work and wedding planning. Then I went to Zara to blow of some steam and some dollars and could not find my credit card for the life of me. Panicked, I ran back to my office and found it had fallen out of my wallet into my day planner. But it ruined my shopping buzz. Yes, the problems in my life are small (mostly).
  • The Cut shows us how to buy 21 Fashion Week trends for under $200 each. Why shop for spring 2011 when fall 2010 is only just setting in? Because we can, my friends.
  • Wardrobe 911 showed us 15 items in three separate increments to add to our wardrobes to give us +25 looks for fall. Here's how to put them all together for a business casual look.
  • The Capitol Fashionista captures some of the best gowns from Elizabeth St. John at DC Fashion Week 2010. I love that the designer puts straps on many of her gowns!
  • I'm SO EXCITED for Glee's Britney episode tonight - the songs, the dancing by other Brittany and, of course, the cameo! Rebecca Minkoff lists her fave musician cameos on primetime tv.

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