Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Comprehensive List of Fall Style Basics

We talked about what's hot for fall, but it's important to have the basics in your closet so you can actually wear these trends.

Basic pieces:

1. Blazer
Hugo Boss Black Juicy blazer: $650

Invest in a good one. Last spring, I met with and was styled by a Vogue fashion editor at Hugo Boss in NYC during a W Magazine shopping event, and she put me in the most amazing $650 blazer. She said it was better than any of the cute dresses or stylish bandage dresses - I'd get much more wear out of it. I was so tempted, but I knew that would break the bank if I bought it - even though it was a totally great investment piece. But then, by a stroke of brilliant luck I found it on Gilt for one-third of the price, and the rest was history. A good-fitting, high-quality blazer is a must-have in your wardrobe.

Boyfriend blazers may be en vogue, but nothing is more flattering on more people than a fitted blazer. Nipped at the waist, it accentuates a woman's curves and might conceal any trouble areas. Find the perfect blazer for your body top - don't get one with accentuated shoulders if you're broad in that region. Likewise, if you are long in the torso, make sure your blazer is long enough. This, you can wear with anything: mini skirts, pencil skirts, leggings, jeggings, jeans (any cut), yadadada... The list goes on. Now, speaking of leggings...

2. Skinny pants
Paige Verdugo jegging: $158

Jeans, leggings, jeggings... Whatever your fancy, a girl needs a pair of fitted, slim pants to wear with the bulkier sweaters and coats of the season. Even though those of us with a little junk in the trunk can  be glad - nay, relieved - that flared pants are back in style, we can't deny the sass the skinny allows us to exude. Don't shy away from skinnies, no matter your body type. If you have bigger hips/thighs, opt for a straight leg with a bit of flair at the ankle so you don't make yourself look like a carrot. If you don't like the way skinny jeans fit, try jeggings - they are a bit more substantial than leggings, but are a bit less restrictive in the knees. Skinny pants look great with...

3. Riding boots
Modern Vintage Benta boot, available at Endless: $296.96

Riding boots look so luxe in the colder seasons. I love this style of boots because it can vacillate between hard rock and classic preppy. I would invest in a wide range of colors and materials, but the staple would be a black leather flat boot or a chocolate/cognac leather flat boot. From there, invest in suede, platforms, heels, slouchy...

4. Long-sleeved T you love
Gap supersoft long-sleeved T: $15.00

This is an obvious must for layering purposes. Need I say more?

5. Awesome tights
Spanx tight-end tights: $26

Tights will take almost any dress from summer to fall faster than you can say "opacity." Tights don't mean bad old lady pantyhose. They mean black, opaque tights, or ones in a color, or even a simple pattern (avoid anything striped - you'll look like the Wicked Witch of the West). These Spanx are amazing for a variety of reasons: perfect thickness, great shade of black, high-quality and super-slimming. Also, there is no shame in using a little shapewear to smooth out any lumps on your ladylike silhouette. We can't all be Gisele, but these tights can help you look a little more like her.

6. Cardigan
J. Crew cashmere crewneck cardigan: $158

Cardigans are actually a good staple year-round, particularly in the super-powered office A/C. But, like the long-sleeved T-shirt, this is a great piece for layering and is ultra-versatile. It can be belted or not, worn buttoned-up for a straight-laced look or loose for a more casual look. The possibilities are endless, but isn't that what wardrobe necessities are really for?

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