Thursday, September 23, 2010

NWFW Spring 2011 RTW: The 10 Worst Looks

Play us in, Elise Overland model!

While there was a lot to love about what we saw on New York's runways last week, there were some... let's just say... interesting ideas on the runway. Thanks to for the photos!

10. I'm actually not a huge fan of Alexander Wang's Spring 2011 RTW collection. While most of it was sort of meh overall, there were also some pretty spectacularly bad pieces. Looking for something slutty to wear on your next skydiving jaunt?
Look no further.

9. I actually liked a lot of Alexandre Herchcovitch's colorful, uniquely structured collection (even if it wasn't particularly wearable). However:

Hello, walking Tetris game.

8. I obviously liked the bulk of Christian Siriano's collection, but this look screamed tickity-tack and it's not apologizing for it.

Mid-90s cougar mom, have I got the perfect pants for you. Me-ouch.

7. Much of Altuzarra's collection was wrought with bad fabric and poor tailoring, making it pretty unsellable. But, good news, Altuzarra designers, I think a Madonna-inspired, slutty Wilma Flintstone might want to buy this look:

6. Ralph Lauren: timeless American style? Or...

Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman Couture?

5. Were designers on a "Little House on the Prairie" kick? I think Laura Ingalls Wilder took over Anna Sui's spring collection.

4.  Carolina Herrera had some fabric issues...

As in, she ran out, and had to use her leftover gardening supplies. Like Tim Gunn says, make it work? Well, this didn't.

3. It smelled like teen spirit at Charlotte Ronson's show. While some critics toasted her angst-ridden dresses (fit for an updated Angela Chase) and Blossom-inspired florals....

Can we please just agree that we will universally eschew the idea of wearing overalls past age four? PLEASE?!

2. Do a little dance, make a little love...

Do anything but wear 90 percent of the Custo Barcelona collection.

1. I love 3.1 Phillip Lim, but this lady looks like she's on her way to her successful career at the Butcher Shop.

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