Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wednesday's Facts: If you're hungry for more

Credit: Huffington Post

  • Did you miss the Christian Louboutin sale on Outnet? I'm a little traumatized that I was unaware that this was going on. But don't worry. If you're a slacker like me and missed today's work shoe sale, The Outnet will have weekend and evening CLs on deep discount debuting soon.
  • Are you a desk monkey like me? FitSugar gives us some easy tips to get fit and stay healthy even if you spend most of your day sitting.
  • Do you have $100 and a desire to be draped in cheap cuts of raw beef? Grub Street New York has ID'ed the raw materials Lady Gaga used for her disgusting VMAs dress.
  • Zero calories. Zero carbs. Zero fat. Zero gluten. There's no way I could be talking about pasta, you're thinking. But I am. Chicago Tribune introduces us to NoOodle, a new version of my favorite pasta sub-in, the hard-to-find-except-at-Whole-Foods Tofu Shirataki, which is aimed squarely at the Western world. 
  • After Fashion Week wraps up tomorrow, I promise I will begin debuting my favorite looks from this year's runways. In the meantime, peep the collections yourself at or The Cut.

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