Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Coming full circle

There's something mysterious about circle skirts. A little bit retro, a little romantic, and super sophisticated, flared skirts harken back to the days of Grace Kelly, the pinnacle of femininity and glamour.

Credit: Vogue

The full skirt dominated the fashion scene for women for nearly a decade, after Christian Dior debuted his "New Look" in the late 1940s.

Credit: A World to Win

I've started seeing full skirts pop up in stores, and I loved the classic, conservative cuts updated for today. But how I was styling them in my head was limited to something like this: crisp white blouse, belted to accentuate the teeniest of weights (see above), vintage looking shoes. I might be super WASPy, but this look is just a little too Connecticut for me.

In addition to the lack of styling ideas, how could I be sure I'd even look good in this look? Fashionista even commented that they are not the easiest to pull off. I think having a small waist is one of the easiest ways to pull it off. If you have less of an hourglass and more of a rectangle in the torso, it might serve to make you look boxy. Also, if the wrong length, it will make a short person look even shorter. That said, if your trouble areas are your thighs and hips, you might rejoice in this style.

But all concerns aside, we're seeing them on the runway and in real life. Take this picture from the Sartorialist.

Credit: The Sartorialist
Or this look from the Louis Vuitton fall 2010 RTW collection:

And the full skirt was even more popular in the spring collections at NYFW last week, so if you're not quite ready for the skirt yet, you have a few months to warm up to the idea.

Rachel Roy

Tory Burch

Vena Cava

But, if you're ready to don the skirt now, try these:

Jonathan Saunders Fontaine silk printed pleat skirt, available at Net-A-Porter: $1295

Fendi camel hair knit skirt, available at Saks: $955

Anthropologie feather perch skirt: $148

Anthropologie shifting buttons skirt: $59.95 (FYI I just ordered this)

Marc Jacobs lattice pattern skirt, available at Saks: $1500

Read more about the long skirt trend on So Much To Smile About!

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