Monday, January 3, 2011

Would You Wear? Maxi Dress

Right now, I am really wanting a maxi dress. But my better judgment has kept me from clicking "buy."

Well, my better judgment or the peanut gallery. My mom says this is a look only for tall, skinny girls. My fiance wrinkles his nose in disgust every time I contemplate purchasing one.

I, however, see a soft, easy dress with a hint of jet set glamour. The maxi dress can be worn any season, any weather; it's easy to add layers and accessories to take this from casual to glam; and best of all, can we say comfortable? I might be talking myself into buying one right now.

But on the other hand, I don't think the maxi dress look is for everyone. I do think height is a must with a dress like this (well, being 5'9" has to come in handy sometime). And it's definitely not a sexy look. But whatever - I'm already engaged!

1. T by Alexander Wang maxi dress, available at Saks: $105
2. Zara long ribbed dress, available in stores: $29.99
3. LnA open elbow maxi dress, available at Revolve: $147
4. ASOS jersey t-shirt maxi dress: $48.27
5. American Apparel baby rib long dress: $46 (I hate the way their models look/pose! Does not make the clothes appear attractive, but I think this dress is cute in person)

So would you wear this look? Or do you think this look deserves a special place in Man Repeller hall of fame?


  1. I would wear - but only the sleevless version... #2! You have to show some skin! I love maxi dresses in the summer, especially over a bikini - it's unexpected!


  2. I wore the heck out of maxi dresses this past summer and I am neither tall nor thin. I think it's about the silhouette more than the length. My sister is medium height (5'6") and quite curvy and rocks the HECK out of winter maxi dresses - they look fabulous on her!

    DO IT!