Monday, January 17, 2011

And the Golden Globe for best dressed goes to...

The 2011 Golden Globes were somewhat anti-climatic to me. Maybe it was because I wasn't really pulling for any particular film, but between the ho-hum hosting, blah award-winners and relatively lackluster fashion, I wasn't blown away. But here's my round-up of the best of the night - and the worst.

Best dress
Anne Hathaway is so consistently stunning on the red carpet, and this Armani dress took the cake last night. The column-esque, fitted, long-sleeved dress (with basically no back) was an unexpected, unconventional look, which is why she stood out to me as the best dressed of the 2011 Golden Globes. And her hair and makeup suited the look to a T.

Runner up
Emma Stone looks amazing in Calvin Klein. (Actually, so did all the ladies in the designer. Claire Danes' pink dress was so fab!) I know people compared her to Lindsay Lohan, but the blonde hair is for her roll in Spiderman, and I sort of love that she's owning it. Also, can I have her body? 

Best black
Black is always popular on the runway, but I thought there were a lot of particularly interesting black dresses this year. My favorite, though, was definitely Eva Longoria, who said "Eat your heart out, Tony Parker" in this elegant Zac Posen. Runners up in this category go to: Glee's Jayma Mays, who was almost recognizable with long hair, smoky eyes and a vintage-esque black gown; and Julianne Hough's black sheath with a highly embellished neckline.

Best green
Emerald green was all over the red carpet. And who can blame our stars? The green stands out on the red carpet and is completely eye-catching. But to be honest, none of these dresses really had me green with envy (sorry, I couldn't resist). Angelina Jolie looked sort of rough in the hair and make-up department, and the rest of the dresses were a little same-dress-different-color. My favorite goes to Mila Kunis, who might have been the best dressed Black Swan cast member, though I thought the dress looked a little long on her.

Best red
Another red carpet trend was on the other end of the color spectrum - red. My vote for best red dress was  January Jones, though I know this will be contentious. A lot of people thought the Versace showed too much skin, but I thought it was daring, sexy and stunning. I loved the unique fringe skirt. Even though the lovely Ms. Jones probably didn't eat for a week before the awards, she looked amazing.

Most Underrated
Lots of big stars made their turns down the red carpet, but some people get more attention than others. These ladies looked knock-out in their dresses, even if they didn't win any awards or garner lots of media spotlight. I also call this category "The best of the rest."

Mandy Moore's bright blue, which fits her perfectly. I'm sort of almost over the one-shouldered trend, but I like the simple sheerness of it here.

Julie Bowen, who is another star who has always been getting it right on the red carpet, subtly stuns a dove gray Tadashi Shoji.

Finally, Amber Riley wowed in this sequined number. She shows bigger girls can rock the sparkly look, and I love the way the black belt edges it all out.

Worst dressed
I actually had a hard time choosing just one. So I didn't!

This dress makes me understand why people think J.Love Hewitt is so desperate. She looks puffy in an unflattering ice-queen bridal gown.

OK, Halle Berry, we get it - you're hot. Leave it in the bedroom.

Christina Aguilera, if you don't want people making pregnancy rumors, don't wear a dress a size too small. Also, don't wear a dress that looks like you are only wearing sheer lace with flowers growing from your lady parts. Also, why is your  face so puffy? Ugh, I just don't like her at all.

And a couple of closing-out comments...
I know a lot of people loved Olivia Wilde's Marchesa, but I just thought it was a lot of dress for a relatively undeserving actress. She's stunning, but that gorgeous dress screams "Best Actress nominee" - not supporting actress on a TV show. And her hair was meh. Secondly, I did not like Lea Michele's ODLR. She usually looks stunning in the designer's gowns, but this gown looked like a weird knockoff of last year's Valentino ruffled gowns. Finally, I feel like Carrie Underwood barely got noticed in this pretty golden dress - it's nothing original or non-obvious, but very nice nonetheless.

Did you watch the Globes? What were your favorite gowns? Were you happy with the winners? 

(All photos credit FabSugar, except where noted).


  1. Mila and Anne were my two favs as well... love! Also totes agree with your thoughts on Xtina and Halle... big yucks to both of them!!!

    xx Grace

  2. Like I said in my tweet....I agree with everything written! I will be linking up your post on my blog! Xo