Friday, July 1, 2011

Oh goodness, it's come to this

If you're a runner like me, you know it's a pain to grab your keys, your ipod, your water bottle, an ID, your phone, your water bottle... and then run with it all! You either sacrifice and minimize, or are weighed down with items stuffed down your sports bra.

Well, the makers of the original BootyWrap are trying to make your life easier.

Wrapped around this model's waist is not a functioning sweatshirt, but a fake garment designed to hold your things and conceal your VPL when you work out. But is it just me or does this just seem so superfluous?

The BootyWrap claims to be flat and not bulky, but it seems like it's just an extra item of clothing to wear on hot summer days. And then your phone is banging around on your thighs instead of stuffed snuggly between your boobs.

Finally, I worry about your marketing scheme if you must compare your product to a fanny pack. A fanny pack! There is nothing stylish about that.

If I'm going to get extra storage gear, it's going to be a spi-belt. At least you can tell what that's meant for.

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