Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Loving Right Now: Current Elliot + Kate Spade

A few years ago when boyfriend jeans were all the rage, I had to have the Current Elliot brand - low slung, torn to perfection and also the most expensive jeans I ever purchased. Since then, it's been love.

And looking back even further - like eleven years ago - I had to have a Kate Spade black backpack. You know what I'm talking about right? My friend went to NYC and I gave her $20 to hit Canal St. She came back with a knockoff with a stuck-on label. I carried it everywhere (don't worry I wouldn't do such a thing nowadays). But the Kate Spade label envy stuck around, and now it is my shoe of preference.

So now you have the back story on my love for these two brands. And so you'll understand my excitement that the two labels are collaborating on a line of handbags.

Via Refinery29

I didn't think love at first sight was possible, but it is.

The Westward by Emily & Merritt for kate spade new york collection, a capsule range of six handbags with prices between $245 to $1,295, hits stores in August.


  1. Where can I steal this? haha
    Bag looks so lovely

  2. So you like this bags? I think that because you even never seen the bags in cwmalls, and if I were you i will try the Women's leather tote handbags and the beautiful orange Platform thick heel shoes and that's the best one!