Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My First Foray Into Rent The Runway

Have you guys tried Rent the Runway yet? I haven't, but I know some girls who have and who loved it. I'm sort of torn on the whole concept though, because - if you couldn't tell - I'm sort of a clothing pack rat. I really regret giving away the Behnaz Sarafpour for Target silver skirt I bought years ago. I think about it a lot.

So why would I want to pay the price of two Forever 21 dresses to rent designer for 4 nights?  (Or, if we're being perfectly honest, what I'd really do is take the $50 right down to Neiman Marcus and buy the real thing.)

Well, smart people over Rent the Runway sent me a $50 birthday credit, and I'm aiming to find out how I like the service while also looking AMAZING on my 25th birthday

But what should I pick?

Sweet and sleek in Tibi
Sexy in sequins from Robert Rodriguez Black Label

Pretty Peacock from Nicole Miller

Which dress do you think I should wear to ring in my new year? Let me know in the comments or at the poll to the right or tweet at me!

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  1. Love the Tibi! It would look awesome on you!