Monday, December 20, 2010

Would You Wear These: Jeffrey Campbell Lita Boot

I know I said I wasn't on board with the lace-up bootie trend.

But everyone has their tipping point, and these boots might be just what I need to get on the right side of this look.

Jeffrey Campbell Lita Shoe, available at Singer 22: $175

I don't know if it's the fierce - and I mean FIERCE - platform, the neutral taupe color or the wicked heel, but I can't get these out of my head. I especially love the way I saw these styled on FabSugar:

Credit: FabSugar

These boots speak to me. Mostly, they say "buy me! buy me!"

Then I hear my fiance say "Marta, you could never walk in those."

So, for now, I am asking you: would you wear these 5.25" platforms? And more importantly, should I buy these bad boys?


  1. LOVE these! Well, wish they were a little shorter but adoring the perfect neutral color and the lace-ups. SHould we expect these in your closet sometime soon? :)
    xo-Alyson, The Average Girl's Guide

  2. The problem is exactly what your fiance said...being able to walk. I can't tell you how many women I've seen walking like broken gazelles, staggering around in shoes that are just too high. I love the way high heels look--but nothing is worse than when the heel is so high or poorly constructed that the person can't walk in them, and that's the opposite of sexy.

    I actually don't mind this style, though I'm not really a lace-up-bootie person either, but think they'd be hazardous. Have you tried them on? Walked around the block in them? Good luck!

  3. Try it, you'll like it! It will make you feel good! All the cool kids are wearing booties.... ;)

    As an owner of high-heeled platform booties, a well made pair is surprisingly easy to wear. I have worn mine as I have dashed across a street with less than 10 seconds on the crosswalk, hiked up icy cobblestone hills, and more with what I believe to be more ease than my lower-heeled shoes.

    These boots look fab and would be oh so versatile!

  4. I own these exact booties and they are both beautiful and extremely easy to walk in. If you haven't already taken the plunge, BUY THEM. You won't regret it!