Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I feel it in my fingers

OK. I hate cold weather. Fortunately, DC spares me the worst of the wintery effects. However, while in Chicago for Thanksgiving last week, I was reminded of just how much I  dislike the bone-chilling cold of the Windy City. It's the kind of cold where you don't want to be outside for more than 30 consecutive seconds, and once you get back to your home, you're shivering so badly, you can't get your keys in the door to where the heater is. Then you fall asleep in your full-length winter jacket and scarf.

I am back in DC. Phew. But it's starting to get a little cooler than it was before the holiday, and then I realized, Wow, it's almost December!

December means it's time for the full she-bang. Hats, scarves, mittens, the works. Right now, I wear my favorite, grey, American Eagle mittens that I received as a gift in high schools and still love (they have the flaps that fold back so I can text easily! I can't deny innovation). But I need to grow up and style up. I'm very into the sleek winter look of a coat with leather or suede gloves. It seems very city chic, and it's a lot more age-appropriate than my mittens.

I've got long fingers, so it's a bit hard to find gloves that fit comfortably. I'll keep you posted on if I can find some well-fitting ones. Meanwhile, here are some of gloves I've been eyeing online:

A hard, rocker look from J. Crew:

J. Crew zip leather gloves: $98

A more ladylike suede (still with an edge) in a fabulous shade:

H&M suede gloves, available in stores

A shot of color, for those of us who abide by basic black coats:

Kate Spade broome street bow gloves: $125

A non-black neutral with a dash of bling:

3.1 Phillip Lim Arbus leather gloves, available at Farfetch: $295

A little bit of luxurious shearling to keep your delicate wrists warm:

UGG Australia leather glove, available at Bloomingdales: $145

A little bit of lumberjack flare, with extra length for us long-armed ladies:

Lands' End women's leather top gloves: $49.50
How will you stay warm this December?


  1. Love the Philip Lim ones! Have the JCrew gloves and adore - although they're a bit short (no wrist coverage at all...) the fab zipper makes em worth it though.



  2. That's good to know! I totally would have considered those, but I bet they would be too small! Wish I had $200+ to spring on gloves.