Friday, June 24, 2011

Marta Rants: Kim Kardashian's Wedding Registry

(via Refinery29)

I can't wait to get married. But more importantly, I can't wait to register. Dude, can you just imagine me, running free-reign around a store of my choice, making a socially acceptable list of things people can buy for me?!

Needless to say, I'm psyched.

But in all seriousness, the most important part of a wedding is the marriage that follows - not the dress, not the gifts, not even the people who come - just you, your husband and the rest of your lives as a family.

A wedding is the party you throw to celebrate that love and commitment. Tradition says your guests give you gifts to commemorate that day and to help you get started on the right foot in a new home, for a new life. Apparently, if you missed the news last week, Kim Kardashian, arguably the most famous person in the world (maybe after Justin Bieber) is hoping her guests will help her get started on a very expensive foot - like a gold-encrusted Louboutin.

Last week, she hopped around Geary's, a shi-shi Beverly Hills department store with her mom and fiance, dressed "casually cute," racking up a dream registry that includes luxury items from Hermes, Lalique and Baccarat. The grand total of her registry? Who knows, but it's likely astronomical.

I have a couple of issues with Kim Kardashian's tacky display.

1.) She makes nearly $12 million a year (that's nearly 240 times the American family's median income). Her 20.5-karat ring is worth $2 million alone. (Check out this site, which shows you exactly how much Kim K. is making at this exact moment). Kim claims she donates 10 percent of her income, and I admire her for that (though she's almost too upfront about it - asking to be applauded for what many normal people do - people who make way less than her).

(via People)

(And I don't mean to bring it up negatively, but this girl is famous for two reasons: a sex tape in which she got peed on, and being friends with Paris Hilton. Now, homegirl is legit brillz for capitalizing on this and turning what most people would consider a shameful life into a big fat cash cow - for herself as well as her family.)

But my major issue is not that she comes from a less-than-humble background or that she's got a ring that most women call tacky but secretly lust after. It's this: Once you are that independently wealthy, is it right for you to register for gifts? Wealth, I believe, does not preclude you from receiving gifts. But asking your friends to shell out $6,000 for a stupid vase is ridiculous - just buy it yourself. Don't force your expensive taste on others, especially when they are likely way less fortunate than you. And provide options in a variety of price ranges!

One commonly held belief on registries is that you should pay for your attendance (this is not true, according to Emily Post; you should pay what you can afford). But even holding to this belief, I really freaking hope Kim is serving beluga caviar with a side of that $10k Serendipity frozen hot chocolate for her dinner if she's registering for Hermes napkin rings.

2. She made a show of registering for obscenely expensive gifts. Don't tell me she didn't invite the paparazzi to her trip. She went to a luxury department store in Beverly Hills and went on a spending spree with other people's money. During a time of economic crisis. While the number of people using food stamps increases exponentially and 9% of Americans don't have jobs. Kim had to have $1000 Lalique ashtray. Does she even smoke? (If so, nasty).

Here's a sample of her registry from Refinery29:
  • Baccarat Cosmos Extra Large Vase, $7,850
  • Lalique Epis Perfume Bottle, $1,695
  • Lalique Soudan Black Ashtray, $1,100
  • Napkin Rings:
  • Rablabs Aleotto Natural Agate Napkin Ring, $32.50 x 18
  • L'Objet Set Of Four Noir Napkin Rings with Crystals, $150 x 5
  • L'Objet Set of Four Gold Napkin Rings with Crystal, $150 x 5

Now I realize this sounds a little sanctimonious coming from a girl who considered saving up and shelling out $3500 for a pair of shoes. So I want to know what you think: Is it gauche for Kim Kardashian and her future hubby to register for this expensive stuff? Or can she do whatever the hell she wants?

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